Podcast Guest Mastery Course

Podcast Guest Mastery (PGM) helps you by providing real, actionable, ordered lessons to master the guest side of podcasting.
(Just show us you did all the worksheets.)
"As a thought leadership and PR strategy, thousands of entrepreneurs are podcasting. There are courses galore about podcasting well. I’ve interviewed one of the first and most successful podcasters, John Lee Dumas...But when it comes to Norton’s podcast strategy, here’s the thing: He doesn’t have a show. He never has, and potentially never will. Instead, Norton has perfected the strategy of “guesting”–being an excellent guest–and has appeared on more than 300 other people’s podcasts so far."
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100K Podcast Guest

Within 5 days after Scott Oldford was a guest on a podcast, he had 90 people schedule a call. From those calls, Scott generated just under $100,000 within three months. Scott says, "When it comes to being on other people's podcasts, it is absolutely extraordinary what you can do. Think about the impact you can have sharing your story, your value, your experience with other people's audiences because it's incredibly, incredibly powerful."
- Scott Oldford, Entrepreneur

One Guestcast, Dozens of Leads, Thousands of Dollars

Shawn Van Dyke is a contractor from Nashville, TN and was on podcast where he talked about skilled labor. Shawn says,
"My niche is the construction and skilled trade Industries. I landed one spot as a guest on a construction themed podcast. That episode is the second most downloaded episode for that podcaster. I include a link to that podcast in all my marketing materials for new email list subscribers. From that one podcast alone I'd say I have generated dozens of leads and landed several thousand dollars in clients."
- Shawn Van Dyke, Contractor Consultant

Generated 7 Figures from Podcast Guesting

Richie Norton (one of your teachers in this PGM course) has generated over 7 Figures for his businesses from podcast guesting. Here's what John Lee Dumas (one of the top podcasts in the world and your other teacher in this PGM course) of EOFIRE.com says about Richie Norton as a podcast guest, "If you guys are looking to work with somebody to help you create your product, your service...there is nobody better that I've experienced in over 1,150 interviews now with inspiring, successful entrepreneurs than Richie Norton."
 - John Lee Dumas, Host of EOFIRE 
Here's What You'll Get:
  • Module 0 – Welcome! Explanations surrounding the miracle of reach with podcast guesting and the opportunity at hand.
  • Module 1 – How to Rock the Mic: 6 videos, 1 audio and 5 worksheets on how to become a rockstar guest that will help you set your message on fire, get you leads and feature you on more podcast shows.
  • Module 2 – How to Turn Your Podcast Episodes into Sales (and/or a Movement): 5 videos including case studies and how to leverage your exposure and real life examples of repurposing your guest content
  • Module 3 – How to Get Featured: 3 videos, 1 worksheet, 2 email scripts (template to send a podcaster and what you might expect in return from a podcaster) and 6 JLD templates to help you get on top podcasts.
  • Module 4 – Bringing it All Together: 2 videos about the game you don’t know is being played around you (and how to master that game)--these insights right here are worth the whole enchilada.

    Standard Price: $1,997 or 12 payments of $197 
  • Bonus 1 – Behind the scenes video case study of specifically how Richie’s business works leveraging podcast guesting and how he did $300k in a month from podcast guest leads.
  • Bonus 2 – Video interview with Richie Norton and Michael Gebbs (CEO of Jumpstarters).
  • Bonus 3 – Video interview - Richie turns the mic on John and asks the questions you’ve always wanted to ask him.
  • Bonus 4 – 14 Frequently Asked Questions Answered Rapidly in 14 Short Videos.
  • Bonus 5 – Exclusive FB Group where you can get accountability, share ideas, ask for assistance from group members and find people to help share your podcast episodes with their networks to expand your influence. (Priceless!) 
Bonuses Valued at $497 (Group is Priceless)

Total $ Value: $2,494

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